A new start

Well, it looks like I am beingĀ forced to update my web site. The iCloud brought a flood that wiped my little site of the web. This prompted me to switch registrars (finally) and, obviously, content hosts… but I forgot about the content. I could have reposted my old iWeb site, but support for iWeb is waning. Instead, I’ve decided to try WordPress. It looks fun, flexible, and, well, free. So here we go!

It will likely take me a week or a month to get any real content up. But, meh, who cares. This is just a bit of fun for me; just a place to (rarely) post random thoughts and pull all of my other social media together (flickr, twitter and such). Also, since I have a new job that doesn’t exactly provide an convenient portal for me to share my research, I’ll likely put up a research related page or two here.